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Welcome to my website featuring properties for sale in the Santa Cruz Mountain and Los Gatos Mountain areas. My properties are located half way between Santa Cruz and San Jose, approximately 30 minutes from each area.


All of the available parcels are relatively large in acreage, ranging from 5 acres to more than 50 acres. All have generous amounts of Redwood and oak trees on them, some have ocean views, others are near desirable facilities such as wineries.

My brokerage gladly cooperate with other brokerages and will show you any property available regardless of whether it is listed by us or not.


My featured properties are considered mountain properties, which means larger acreage, tree rich and outside of any subdivision or city disturbance.

Give me a call - Bill Moores - at (707) 526-3759 weekdays or any time via cellphone at (707) 357-4501. If you are interested in some of the finest oceanfront properties in California, please visit


Thank you for visiting.